1. RoninZakath's Avatar
    I recently created a new calendar on my Google account to track due dates for assignments and exams. Under Accounts and Calendar Folders in Hub+ Calendar Settings, my Due Dates calendar is listed but is greyed out. How do I make it appear?
    12-07-19 01:18 PM
  2. RoninZakath's Avatar
    This was meant to be posted in the Questions board. For some reason it ended up here.
    12-07-19 03:05 PM
  3. gebco's Avatar
    Did you just try tapping the calendar name in your list in the calendar app?
    12-08-19 12:03 AM
  4. RoninZakath's Avatar
    Uh, yeah. That's how you change the calendar colour
    12-08-19 12:24 AM

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