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    F-Browser, also known as Flash Browser is an intuitive yet elegant browser for your blackberry. Its specialty is that it plays infinite flash videos that otherwise dont play on blackberry. Easy to install, it is a synonym of speedy and effortless web browsing & well-organized data usage. Presented by Retina-X Studios, F-Browser is like an unbelievably efficient mini-browser that provides an engaging yet clean interaction with the internet.

    Below are the features of F-Browser

    - Free to download and install
    - Create Bookmarks as you browse through the internet
    - Download flash videos and play
    - Able to instantly email flash videos
    - Able to retain browsing and downloaded history
    - Able to create a bookmarks history
    - Easy operation and user-friendly
    - Sleek interface with intuitive web browsing
    - Convenient to back through already-browsed web pages

    F-Browser free at BB World

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    Enjoy DelftEo
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