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    Hi All,

    One of my first posts, so firstly hello!

    We're about to start our network testing of the 9000 device on our corporate BES and I am starting to compile a document of all the things that I want the test group to report back on, battery life using different things, executing certain functions etc so that we can compile a report and recommendation on how best the device should be used and who is best to have it.

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'm fairly sure some of you good people with large deployments will have done similar for previous models.

    Would anyone be happy to share some ideas of their test criteria so that I can ensure mine covers appropriate items?

    Thanks in advance!
    09-06-08 03:09 PM
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    1.Welcome to CB!!!!!!!

    2.you should time it on the amount of time it takes to get to certain websited while using 3G and while using wi-fi , you should also test out different themes on each device to see which one fits ure business needs, try them calling each other to see how they sound, I think kevin posted something saying there might be a bug in the browser while using javascript on so you should test that out and as you said try the battery life out

    09-06-08 03:31 PM