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    Today I opened my calendar to add some appointments. I wanted to change to the month view permanently so I opened options...and there were two color blocks there...one was green and labeled "Desktop", and the other was blue and labeled with my email address.

    Can someone explain these? When I opened the time slot to record the appointment, the green desktop block was there, too.

    I've never seen them before and wonder if it has to do with the new DM or new 4.5 OS--or perhaps I just had never noticed them before?

    01-06-09 08:11 PM
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    Each BIS and BES email account has its own calendar. Kinda cool, I think. You can select the account under which the appt is scheduled by putting the cursor over the "Send Using" colored block while in schedule mode and clicking the trackball (on my Curve it's a trackball). The calendar appointment will appear in the same color as the little block.

    In BES this has a special effectiveness because I can schedule personal appointments using my BIS calendar and those do not sync with the corporate Outlook calendar.

    You can change the propeerties of each calendar - Calendar>Menu>Options>click on any of the calendars to adjust properties.

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