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    As my sig says, I've never had a data plan on my blackberry - i've always used wifi. With the father's day promotion, I'm thinking on jumping finally to a 9700.

    What should I know about data? I've read through these forums, but I've never really paid attention to the BIS threads simply because they didn't apply to me....but I guess now it does. Any general things/tips? I skimmed over some gmail stuff...but what's up with the 2 way sync? So deleting on device will delete from server, or vice versa...what about unread status? What's with yahoo and hotmail now?

    I have done some searching, but if people could help in a consolidated place here, that'll be great!

    06-17-10 02:12 AM
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    If you have a BB data plan you can use push email service and BB messenger.

    2 way sync means that if you read/delete emails from the device/server, it will be updated on the server/device. Yahoo and hotmail has 2 way sync and I'm not so sure about gmail. The 2 way sync for gmail was introduced in a recent bis update, but not sure whether it is fully working or not.

    Hope this helps...

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    06-17-10 04:25 AM