1. BK_NY_RAY's Avatar
    Every new contact I want to add automatically tries to save under Local Contacts and my work email. Is there any way to set it up how I want? For example, I don't want every new contact to try and add to my work email and I would like every new contact to be added to Local and Sim.

    Please and thank you.

    Posted via CB10
    05-14-15 08:24 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    Just press on the item which reads "Save to:" and you should see a pop up menu which lets you choose where the contact is saved.
    05-14-15 11:18 PM
  3. BK_NY_RAY's Avatar
    I know. That's a step I want to avoid. I want the default to be local and sim or at least just local. Any way to do that?

    Posted via CB10
    05-15-15 07:45 AM

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