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    Dear Community,
    I'm am trying to sort out this issue for past Two weeks now,I tried the blackberry help they couldn't find a solution. Two weeks back I got my brand new z30 .When i tried to set my phone it asked me blackberry id ,so i created New BB id, why not its new device right!!!.After two days i want to change my BB ID,silly me(i dont know from where on earth i got this idea)So I deleted my my BB ID from my laptop by clicking the hyperlink of the registration-confirmation-mail. Then I tried to change my BB Id from the device,for some reason I couldn't, so I took advice from blackberry help from the twitter. They advised do a security wipe via BB link.(in between I updated my OS to BB10.3 version). Since its a brand new device and having no data I eagerly done the security wipe leaving the SO CALLED BLACK BERRY PROTECT ON. After the security wipe ,when switched on my device it took to set up screen .i got so excited, identifying the genius in me.yes it is the welcome screen from blackberry, politely asking me to choose the language, I put English then I pressed NEXT ,needs to connect the mobile network, can't wait,so clicked SKIP button ,okie dokie start scanning to connect a wifi and got connected .Alas!!! finally the BB ID.so put my new BB ID,noops , device needs the original BB ID used initially.what the heck I deleted that first instance.But the device is so adamant, so I put my deleted Id and password. Noo way . so I tried to patronize it by recreating same Id ,with same user name and password too.Now the device got really pissed off and start blinking in red letters blackberry protect is on .Poor me what else i could do ,So I consulted so many times BB support team. I tried to explain them as if I am talking to a turkey. Still they can't understand it.
    1)I deleted my BB ID Which I used to set up the device initially, from a PC using the hyperlink from the email confirmation which received during the creation of this particular BB ID
    2) After that I have done a security wipe leaving BLACK BERRY PROTECT on .
    3)Now I can't access my device
    4)kindly do the necessary from server side
    Funny part I bought it from some cheesy seller from amazon.com,Device is manufactured in Brazil and sold it California. Might be i need to pay a visit to Repblica Federativa do Brasil to get the manufactures warranty. When I contact the Amzon, they send web app link .when submit I got new information the device was not sold through amazon Bingoo ,got the jack pot.At this point I realized I can use my Brand new Z30 as paper weight. OR can I use my devices ever again. If know the solution kindly help and please don't forward another link no offence because BB support people forwarded me tons load of links ,which well explains why BlackBerry is loosing the battle in smartphone sector.
    12-15-15 10:36 PM

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