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    hey guys, as the title says im pretty much new to the blackberry world, im actually getting one in the mail in the next two days and i have several questions. i've been trying to find answers all over the forums but theres different answers. im getting the Blackberry 8320 Curve - Titanium from Tmobile. i'd really appreciate your help guys.

    first i'd like to know what data plan i'm gonna have to add to my tmobile accnt. i have a sidekick lx right now so ima have to get rid of the sidekick plan. which other plan do i add, i think i saw a 19.99 blackberry unlimited plan... does this include unlimited instant messengers and using the internet?

    AND if it does include unlimited internet, does that mean i automatically get the EDGE feature?

    I'm not really interested in wi-fi calling or any of the tmobile hotspot, i'd like my blackberry to be almost like my sidekick where i can use instant messengers and use the internet whenever i want. preferably faster it doesnt matter. and texting...

    im guessing im gonna have to add an unlimited txting feature to my plan since its not offered in the blackberry plan right?

    im also a huge facebook fan... i assume its already included in the data plan that i'd have to get. is everything really unlimited?

    and as far as email is concerned... i have a tmobile email that i set up with my sidekick last year, not the phone email but the personal one that ends with "@tmail.com" can that be transferred over to my blackberry since its with tmobile?

    lol sorry for all the questions, i had like 10 minutes to play around with a blackberry 2 days ago and i ordered it right away, so i didnt exactly do my handson research at the store. thanks for the help guys!
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    ok im gonna answer what i can, yes you should have the 19.99 bb plan and the unlimited text to use all of the internet and im and texting features including EDGE as much as you want... as for email i think your referring to the @tmomail.com mail which is actually just the address for texting you can also set up an @tmo.blackberry>net account which will actually be your bb email address
    04-22-08 03:30 AM
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    Some instant messenging programs use txts instead of data- if you download webmesseneger(which is free) it uses data, also jivetalk uses data also, but some of them use sms to send and receive messages. I guess if you get an unlimited plan for texting too it doesn't matter! Also, if you have other friends that have bb's , there's an app on your phone blackberry messenger that allows you to contact other bb members for free!

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    Welcome to CB! Enjoy your new curve!
    04-22-08 06:46 AM
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    Facebook is included in your unlimited data plan.

    With the unlimited data plan, you can have up to 10 email accts linked to your BB!

    Once you get your new BB, take a look at the Tips, How-To forum for good tips. Crackberry's a great place for new BB users!

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    Welcome to CB!!!!
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    welcome to cb. enjoy, and go unlimited data.
    04-22-08 11:05 AM
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    Get the unlimited BB plan and unlimited text if you need it. You will lose your tmobile email since it's tied with the SK plan if I remember correctly.
    04-22-08 11:51 AM