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    I just got my BB style 9670 on Sprint and set things up. I moved from the HTC EVO because I wanted something a little simpler and smaller, with better call quality and battery life. For the most part, I'm happy. But, there have been some things that have really irked me with my 3 days experience so far.

    First, the notifications. I have email set up through Google enhanced mail plugin and my work (not Exchange, the webmail server version). If I reply to an email on my computer., it shows up on my phone as a new email, even though I'm the one that sent it.

    More bothersome is the serious lag I'm seeing on clearing notifications. It takes hours, if not days, for messages that I've deleted or archived on both email accounts to clear on my BB. Isn't there a way to force the blackberry to see the fact that this email is no longer in my inbox?

    I love the phone so far but this has been something that really bugs me. It still says I have an unread email from 10am this morning. Is this something unique so my situation or is this just an issue with OS6?

    My other issue - is it really true that there is no active exchange server sync on BB? On my Palm and Android phones I just put in the server settings and I was off and running with email, contacts and calendar. Now, since my work won't provision me a blackberry seat, I have to make due with the webmail access, run google calendar sync to get my Outlook calendar on my phone, and still no luck on the contacts. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like a huge omission.

    Oh, and is there any way to pull ALL of your FB contacts? I can only get it to match the ones I already have.

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