1. curbsideprophet26's Avatar
    I'm seriously going nuts over here!

    I can't wait for Blackberry's new 4.3 OS.. especially with the rumor that it may make iTunes mp3s compatible. I thought that they would have surely released it by now after the release of the new Pearls. I know they said it will be out before the new year but thats only in 6 weeks.

    Is anyone else getting anxious??
    11-14-07 10:41 AM
  2. E Pow's Avatar
    I am going nuts too waiting for the 4.3. I can’t wait to start recording videos with my Curve. I downloaded the new desk top manager and love it so far and I can’t wait to sync my videos with it once the new OS comes out.
    11-14-07 11:03 AM
  3. dlnmorrow's Avatar
    Yeah the 4.3 is out for Verizon's 8130 now but nothing for AT&T's!
    I'm anxious as well but I want them to make sure the bugs are worked out!
    11-14-07 11:07 AM
  4. Adrian's Avatar
    I'm ready for it...bugs and all!!! I want it NOW!!
    11-14-07 12:56 PM
  5. aoprods's Avatar
    I'm really looking forward to the new OS. Bring it On!!!!
    11-14-07 01:01 PM
  6. epiguards's Avatar
    I have heard many rumors about the new OS but being compatible with Itunes music was not one of them. Anyone else hear this?
    11-14-07 08:14 PM
  7. Bedrock's Avatar
    I don't know about itunes but I'll just be happy with video for now. I still have an ipod that I love. I'm sure that I read a post from Kevin that the 4.3 upgrade would only allow video recording for the curve not the pearl. Read more from Kevin here http://forums.crackberry.com/f52/rim...rd-video-7336/ Bring it on... We want video , we want video
    11-15-07 08:51 AM
  8. berrywhite's Avatar
    H ell I just want the new L-Dimension Zen Theme!!!
    11-15-07 08:58 AM
  9. kenstiles's Avatar
    kenstiles here in Chicago with 1 week old Gold 8320. Love it! PIN is 24231B10
    11-15-07 10:59 AM
  10. Bla1ze's Avatar
    The new OS, is not that far off as you already know it's out an on the 8130 devices, the Curve and The older Pearls is still considered in BETA stages due to the errors that are currently exisiting in there, I'd much rather have it take longer then be a rushed out the door item...we all know what happens when you rush beta programs out the door.....Windows Vista anyone?

    sorry berrywhite, couldn't hold it back.
    Last edited by Bla1ze; 11-15-07 at 12:50 PM.
    11-15-07 11:40 AM