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    I am a student considering a blackberry regardless of how good the 3g iphone will be. I already have an ipod touch so it would be a wise decision to get a blackberry as I am entering university next year and e-mail will probably be critical. I am with Rogers so I would get a device with $15 unlimited e-mailing since I don't care about browsing etc. First question is, do you think Rogers will get the 8320 anytime soon? Otherwise I would just get the 8310 (was considering bold due to its fast OS and 3g but it's just too big).

    *Most importantly, what's the difference between BIS and BES in short answer. Which one would I be connected to with the unlimited e-mailing plan?

    *When I have my gmail account connected to blackberry, is it totally in control of my account? For example, say I delete an e-mail (gmail) on my blackberry, would it be deleted when I go on to gmail on my computer? And vice versa, if i delete on computer, would it disappear on my blackberry. Also, just how fast is the delivery of push e-mail?
    05-22-08 01:42 AM
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    BIS and BES both do email. BES is for users who work for a company that uses the enterprise server. This is probably not for you.

    When you delete something on your BlackBerry you have the option of deleting it from your email account if you want. However when you delete on your email account it doesn't do squat on your BlackBerry, at least I have never seen this work.

    Push email is instant in most cases. With gmail you get emails within seconds of someone sending it.

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    05-22-08 08:34 AM
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    i wouldnt wait around for the bold. to my knowledge, there is no official release date for rogers. also, there is no way to know whether they will be getting the 8320 anytime soon. so i would just go with what they have available now.

    a word of advice.... setup a blackberry email address on your phone when you get it, and use that for important emails. with your gmail account, if you receive any kind of spam emails, your phone will be going off all the time. very irritating. i solely use my work email on mine, but seeing as youre a student, i would definitely recommend the blackberry email for you.
    05-22-08 11:19 AM
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    I'm a student too. What you need is BIS and you can see the explanation Pete gave you. I have the same plan that you're looking at...voice and unlmtd email..no internet coz I dont use my BB for browsing. With BIS you can go to your carrier's website and add up to 10 email addresses. I have my univ email, gmail and hotmail on BIS and it works superbly! Gmail is the fastest (within 2-3seconds)!
    05-22-08 11:23 AM
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    Grab up the Curve. You can't go wrong with it. And later if need be, switch to the 9000 whenever Rogers gets it. You will be pleased with the push email and everything else about the BB will be icing on the cake.

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    05-22-08 11:27 AM