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    Just give me a Blackberry 8700g, the apparatus is a marvel, but I just love meeting the problems connected to the PC that should not happen.

    I downloaded the latest desktop manager software available, the software recognizes the device as it connects to the pin and everything, in fact I may even see the tasks is correctly connected and I feel down right at the device manager but blackberry is that the desktop manager will not let me do anything, or applications to load or update or anything. Although applications have always put the following: "No system software found on the device pocket" or put "No applications available for your device (depending on the version of software you use).

    Anyway, I tried a thousand ways, he touched all the options but nothing. I've got the latest software available and no, not the 4.5 and then I read somewhere: You should download the software that msmo your dispositio (4.1) and I was not there, I even downloaded the 4.0.

    In this forum I saw that happened to another user and formatted the same and solved it: because I went there, but nothing is formatted, a penalty go. I have done everything I've read, a hard reset, go, everything that has happened and I no longer know what else to do, I tried to update the phone software but I could not do anything because the program does not let me. On another site I read that you can move the software from one phone to another but do not know anyone else who has.

    Would not it have any chance to restore the device software from another program, one that is updated? For example the 4.5?

    I do not know what to do if someone reads this and can help would be immensely grateful that I do not know that I have more to prove, I got it and did what was long but without the use of clear with a firlware old.

    I just want to get pdf to read notes, Agune song as a ringtone and make some nice photo as wallpaper.

    I hope your help and thanks ahead.

    Thank you very much

    Sorry for the writing, im spanish
    05-11-09 03:28 AM