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    Introducing the new Blackberry Acute!

    Well...Just a fan made concept of what could be the perfect BB to compete will other other brands including mr iphone.

    With a much larger footprint and therefor a larger screen and user interface the Blackberry Acute is capable of video conference using a 4g network or a wifi signal.

    A blackberry user knows how important its full qwerty layout is important and a device without it is like a bmw with out its double front grill. I for one need the full keyboard and flips and slides just don't tempt me. So, in the past we can say the blackberry screen sizes have been compromised because of the keyboard. However, now we can dream of a much more sophisticated smartphone with the same elegance blackberry has provided with the addition of a much bigger and vibrant touch screen display.

    Its called Acute because simply its defined as being fast, super fast.

    Any thoughts?

    lets debate!
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    It's like...the Bold dude!
    10-06-11 08:31 AM