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    Here's what I want in the next BIS (3.3 or other)...

    - true activesync w/push everything. BB's gcal sync is good, but my old windows mobile had better activesync for gmail (etc)
    - better contact management: re-organize how contacts are sorted: I have a gmail, googleapps acct, and a personal acct and all three have a contact of the same person - but i have three contacts! BB's should recognise the duplicates, see that they're the same person, offer to merge into one "contact".
    - increase gcal sync window from 12 weeks to 52 (like activesync)
    - allow for multiple calendars within one gmail/g'apps account
    - when removing an account from BIS that is contact/calendar sync'd, all entries should be removed (or at least the option)

    ...to start
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    I would like to be able to save emails to folders of my choice on my device.
    10-23-10 09:33 PM