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    Forgive me beforehand if my question has already been answered by other threads. I've already checked and can't seem to find an answer. And please forgive me if this is too verbose.

    I have 2 "newbie" questions:

    The 1st is that I recently had my personal BlackBerry hooked up to my work's Exchange server on which they have BESX running. Everything seems to be syncing flawlessly for the most part. Contacts, emails, tasks, etc. However, I've noticed that when I input calendar appointments and tasks via OWA, they will instantly show up in my phone but not vice-versa, when I input them from my phone. I'll check my work's OWA page and none of them show up in the calendar or tasks section.

    Is is this something that can be fixed and if so, can it be resolved on my end or will I need to contact my work's IT dept to make the adjustment?

    The other question is that if I upgrade my phone's OS, will I lose my current BESX access capability and have to get it restored by my work's IT dept?

    Any help from those more knowledgeable than myself would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    I have BES so I'm not familiar with BESX. BES doesn't use OWA because it syncs directly to Outlook Exchange, so I'm not sure how to resolve the one-way sync problem. OS upgrades should preserve and reserve the existing status and you should not lose your settings or have to set up anything with your IT department.

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