1. killmyself's Avatar
    Hello first of all I'm new with this cellphone. So be patient. I have just configured everything but I had a problem with Gmail. The Gmail account had me to agree with a Gmail Enhanced third party, so I installed it. Nevertheless, it was a useless application, and I uninstalled it. But it didn't dissappear. I read on other forums that I had to erase the modules "net_rim_bb_gmail" and "
    "net_rim_bb_gmail_resource_en". And so I did. Now I'm not sure if it will work when I add the account again. Does someone know? Also I have a problem with the folders in the main menu. When I organized the menu, I added folders to keep icons organized and they were with colors and stupid details. I don't know why they don't appear now, I mean, they are colorless and I can't edit them to change the type of folder. Any help would be great
    02-27-10 12:25 PM
  2. jgodin03's Avatar
    did you installed any theme on it? It would explain your folder probleme
    02-27-10 12:29 PM