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    Ok, so this is my first time owning a BB. I've just gone from a long history of Palm and WinMo phones, but I felt the need for change after gradual disappointment with WinMo. I'll try to avoid this being a b**ch session, and more of an open floor discussion for opinions....

    First, the negatives.....

    Message threading:
    I've been spoiled on this being a former Palm and WinMo user. I know it threads inside the message, but I'd love to see it on the contact level page. Much better in terms of organization.

    A case with a belt clip in the box:
    If you're a sprint customer and bought a curve, you know what I mean by this.

    More pre installed utility/functionality apps:
    Would be nice to see at least more of the generally used freebies like Opera, weather (not pocket express' weather), Google mobile apps like sync.

    Install program on the memory card:
    This would be great. I'm still confused over why this isn't an option seeing as it frees up device memory and allows for more flexibility.

    Eliminate the roxio media manager:
    Why not keep it simple and just use a basic file explorer to add and remove media from the card?

    Camera sound:
    Come on guys....let me turn that sound off plz : D

    Easy way to view just the free apps on the store:
    I may have missed it, but I don't remember seeing it. Just searching the word free is kinda lame. Who doesn't go looking for free apps first?

    Memory card under the battery:
    Seriously, why do companies still do this?????

    And now, perspective on the things I like so far....

    The base browser runs pretty well IMO. True, I normally use the mobile port of the sites I go to, but still....even IE runs stupid on them sometimes.

    The trackball isn't a bad replacement for me losing the touch screen. I miss the touch screen alot, but this works well as a replacement to.

    The OS stability is great. Palm suffered at times using an OS that was never really made for this type of device, and constantly stacking more on it.
    The iPhone and WinMo phones suffer from using an OS that was designed off a full PC, and trying to port it for a phone and limit functionality loss. I can't argue about it at all.

    Having the app store around makes things much more convenient. That's one thing that leaned me toward BB over my old WinMo phones. I hated digging all over Google looking for a descent app site.

    Battery life....it's amazing compared to alot of others. My recent phone (HTC Touch Pro) had horrible life unless I constantly killed programs and made sure I babied it. The TouchFlo even drained the battery on me, so I went old school today screen. I play on this one all day and it takes it like a champ.

    The size and weight surprised me. I thought the wider case would make it feel too bulky. I couldn't be more wrong. It's actually nice to hold and use regularly.

    The email support is great. I use the BB email for my website, and Gmail for my personal account. Both work flawlessly, and I don't have to d/c the data connection when it's done checking for new messages like I always had to do on my WinMo phones.

    That's all that I can think of immediately, as I've only had the phone a week now.

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