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    Hey whats up. Any help will be much appreciated. I switched from the sidekick to the blackberry not that long ago.

    I'm wondering how I change the name on the front display. It says T-Mobile then my last name. How can i change my name to nothing or something else????

    Also when I send an email form username@tmo.blackberry.net the recipient seems my first and last name. Is there a way to change that also. Just so my email Addy shows no name????

    Last but not least is there anyway to successfully stream video from youtube?

    oh yeah one more thing. reguarding the micro sd card. Does it help to have a better more costly card for speed reasons or anything like that? And someone told me get nother over 4gb because it will be slow to grab the info off of the card is this true????

    Thanks for the info!
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    OK... Here we Go!!!

    1.) The name next to the T-Mobile on your screen is the name of the WiFi Network your BB has connected to. To change it either change the name of the network or shutoff WiFi.

    2.) This has to be changed from th BIS Here

    3.)Yes Youtube for bb site is video search

    4.) Until OS v4.3 is released the curve cant handle an SD card bigger than 4gb. also no need to get the most expensive 1. Obviously you get what you pay for but Sandisk is pretty reasonable and IMO works GREAT!

    Hope this helps!!
    12-08-07 03:59 PM
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    yes very much thank you
    12-08-07 08:27 PM
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    Is it necessary to have redirector running to get email on Blackberry?
    12-09-07 10:09 PM
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    Is it necessary to have redirector running to get email on Blackberry?
    No it is not necessary to have the redirector running to get you email, unless that is the way that you have it coming, like I did at first. I than learned that going through the blackberry set up which take only a few minutes is much better. I have my bellsouth email and my work email which goes through the Microsoft exchange coming straight to my phone. I can reply to bot. it is great. I know someone that has 10 accounts going to his phone.

    If you get with your carrier I am sure that they have a web site that you can go to also for setting up your email on your phone.

    No need for your computer to be on..
    12-09-07 10:30 PM