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    So I am now on my 3rd bb and have had no problems till now.

    I can't remember my o2email password (or it's not being recognised) on my new phone. Set up a new one and that is working find, the problem is with app world. my new email & password don't work, tried to get the password for my old email and I get told it will be sent to your phone. I never receive anything. I've tried the whole forgotten password at o2email.co.uk but I just get told it has been sent to your email address, what email address? surely not the one I'm trying to get a new password for?!

    original email - firstname.surename
    new email - firstnamesuremane

    I've just been to my old phone and entered the correct password for original email and I get the whole 'do you want to change devices' so I must have the correct password.

    if I have the password correct why isn't it for email set up and app world on my new phone? Is the password for the email account and the password for app world different?
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    10-27-11 08:25 AM
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    I can access app's like fb and twitter etc but have trouble connecting to app world during downloads!
    10-27-11 08:40 AM
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    Have you set up a user name and password for Appworld yet? This will be different than the one you set up for your email account.
    10-27-11 11:35 AM
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    You should try setting the default email to the one used for the app world login. It will always try to use the email acct set as default so if you have the wrong one setup as default you won't be able to login even if you change it on the login page.

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    10-27-11 08:22 PM