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    Hello Everyone,
    First of all I will start by saying I am new to BlackBerry. I never had one before and I am Apple user (iMac, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, etc.).
    I want to buy a new phone and at first I wanted to buy a Droid 2 but it is not available in my country and it is not available unlocked in USA. Since everyone in my school suddenly bought a BlackBerry (I do not know why, why are they so good anyways can someone explain to me?) I will buy one too.
    So I am deciding on which phone should I buy. Its either the Curve 8900 or the Storm 9530 or wait some months for the Torch when it is released where I live.
    I feel like the Storm does not give the true BlackBerry experience and it is also half of the price of the Curve.
    According to your experience, taste and my situation, what BB should I get?
    Thanks in advance.
    11-22-10 07:59 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    First off. The Storm is as much a BlackBerry as any other so don't worry about that.

    Now to the heart of your question. You have to make a choice as to whether you
    prefer a full touchscreen device or a non-touch device with a full physical keyboard.

    If I had to choose between one I'd take the physical keyboard but that is my
    comfort factor. Yours may be different.

    You mentioned the Torch 9800 and I will give you my take since I own one. I like
    this phone immensely because of the bigger screen, more memory, 4gb on-board
    storage (that plus a 16gb card gives me 20gb of storage). Also, and I am not
    sure many feel the same way but I really like the 9800 because it is like having
    two phones (Keyboard driven device and a touch driven device) in a single package.

    What you should get however is completely on you and no one here can decide
    that for you. It's your money. Buy what you like and more importantly, buy what
    you will get use out of.
    11-22-10 09:55 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    If you are going to get the device very soon, I would recommend the 8900 rather than the 9530. The 8900 has twice as much memory as the 9530. The 9530 is not terrible, but you will not get much in the way of apps, due to the low device memory. The 9530 also does not include Wi-Fi.

    If you want a Storm, you would be much better off with the Storm 2 (9550). It has twice as much memory as the original Storm and also includes Wi-Fi.
    11-23-10 11:20 AM
  4. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    Your only options are those old devices?
    11-23-10 11:39 AM
  5. Bongs's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies.
    Where I live the options are Pearl 9100 for 450 USD, the Curve 8520 for 275 USD, the Curve 8900 for 450 USD, the Storm 2 for 650 USD, the Bold 9700 for 650 USD and the Storm 1 for 480 USD. They are all freaking expensive phones here (they are not even unlocked, the iPhone is 1100 USD). The torch will probably be like 1200 USD. But that is why I am considering buying a phone in amazon, the storm 1 is 150 USD there.

    As for touch or hard keys, I have an iPod touch but I am sure the quality of the screen is not near half of the iPods.
    Also no wifi on the Storm is a let down.

    I will probably buy the phone in the next 3 months, I am going to Europe if anyone knows where I can buy unlocked BBs tell me.
    11-23-10 07:00 PM
  6. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    If you're buying something on Amazon, might as well make it a Storm2. It might be a bit more expensive then an S1, but it'll be worth it in the end. Just make sure you buy a 9520 model since it looks like you're a GSM user. The trick will be finding an unlocked one.
    11-23-10 07:20 PM
  7. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    If you're buying something on Amazon, might as well make it a Storm2. It might be a bit more expensive then an S1, but it'll be worth it in the end. Just make sure you buy a 9520 model since it looks like you're a GSM user. The trick will be finding an unlocked one.
    You are good...
    11-23-10 07:24 PM
  8. hondateg91's Avatar
    The 9530 is half price for a reason and if i had to decide between those 2 the 8900 would be my choice. I prefer the qwerty board over full touch unless its a torch like phone.
    11-23-10 07:48 PM
  9. Bongs's Avatar
    I think each time I want more the Torch, but how does it compare to the iPhone in web browsing, camera, and apps?
    11-23-10 08:12 PM
  10. luqman24's Avatar
    Wait why is the iPhone $1100. I think that there is something suspicious about that kind of, pricing. Here in Canada and the US they're $500-$800 depending on the model :s

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    11-24-10 12:35 AM
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    I thought blackberrys were expensive here! If you ONLY have those choices 8900 hands down. I I were you I'd look in the CB marketplace and get an unlocked 9700 for roughly 200-250 USD can't lose there.

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    11-24-10 01:16 AM
  12. Bongs's Avatar
    I can't find any options for unlocked phones in the CrackBerry Store, only for all US carriers.
    11-24-10 06:58 PM
  13. soccernamlak's Avatar
    You want Amazon or elsewhere for unlocked phones. In all honesty, if you don't mind paying for shipping, it probably is cheaper to shop Crackberry's Marketplace here and buy a phone from someone that is unlocked already. I guarantee you can get a Curve 8900 for a whole lot less than $450.
    11-24-10 10:50 PM
  14. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    IF you are buying unlocked anyway I would look for a Torch and Buy it unlocked, you can probably find one in the 600USD Range, and you'll be happy

    Now the question I have for you is what kind of data usage do you expect to use?
    I suspect the people in your school purchased Blackberry's because Data costs are high where you are and txt messaging is expensive as well, so everyone with BB's are getting BBM for txting, and low data usage with compressed emails, and compressed SLOW loading webpages.

    the Torch will be your best browsing experience of Blackberry's BUT it still doesn't compare to the iPhone 4, I would say it compares to your iPod touch, they keyboards feel very similar to me using the touch screen since I hate both.
    11-25-10 12:28 AM
  15. Bongs's Avatar
    I want to see the unlocked phones from this marketplace but I can't find them, can someone send me the link?
    As for the data plans, we all have unlimited data plans and I will have one too.
    11-25-10 08:24 AM