1. anon3396357's Avatar
    Just saw some videos on engadget about the Curve Touch and 9790, and I must say they look really beautiful. Maybe it's just the BB fan in me but I appreciate the form factor designs that RIM puts out. The Curve series especially look gorgeous!

    I noticed the new 9790's metal bars between each row of keys is less curved than the 9700/9780 one, and the keys now really extend to the absolute edge of the phone. After watching the hands on video the 4 navigational "popup" buttons don't look so bad anymore.

    Anyone else thinks so too?
    11-16-11 09:25 AM
  2. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    I was waiting for this Blackberry for a long time... the 9780 was one of the best and now the Blackberry 9790 should be the right phone for those who loved the Blackberry 9780.
    11-16-11 10:35 AM
  3. mauricio123's Avatar
    Agree. The Blackberry Bold 9790 is by far my fav device. Cheaper tan Bold 9900 and mostly iddentical. The size is just perfect for me, i loved my Bold 9780 and now is time to remember old times with the 9790. Hoping to arrive soon on ebay
    11-16-11 10:53 AM