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    Hi Gang

    I have started a new type of social list, one that I would like to use just for Blackberry, users, abusers, and ones in need.

    It is called the B2BB list, and it is hosted at the dataoutages.com Site. It is very easy to join, no account to set up, no information needed, just go up and put your name on the listwhen you are in need of something like information, a Job, some resources, programming, tech support, parts, anything you can think of just send en email to the list and all the member will get it, and then the ones who can help you will reply, it is like a community for blackberry users only, and very fast and effort list. Unlike going top your favorite forum and login in, this is all done through the list and straight to your blackberry device, some what like a Twitter for BB and people with needs.

    There is no cost of course and we want everyone to use it as much as needed, we initially wanted it for people looking for work, contract or freelance, or companies looking for Technical Help, website help, Blackberry help etcetc..

    Lets make this a group effort and really push the social ability of the Blackberry Device and its wonderful users.


    05-13-08 11:47 AM