09-23-10 07:59 PM
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  1. MrWireless31's Avatar
    using this app with a Voyager Pro headset (non A2DP I'm pretty sure) and a Storm2, is there a way to use this app to stream audio that i listen to from the web browser to my nonA2DP headset?

    In other words, I listen to some radio stations through Moodio or Orb/SiriusStreamer and this plays audio through the browser..is there a way to get this streamed to the bluetooth headset?

    Anybody know if it would work with the new Sirius XM app? Thanks for the help!
    02-08-10 10:26 AM
  2. execdec's Avatar
    Using the btplay with both Pandora & Slacker. It is working but the songs keep stopping at some point and I have to push pause then play to restart them. A bit confused after reading previous posts, will this work with the BB media player or no?
    Can anyone help explain how to make this work with slacker? Thanks!

    (verizon, tour 9630, samsung wep200 bt)
    07-20-10 03:24 PM
  3. Blacklatino's Avatar
    @ OP.
    Thanks for posting.
    07-20-10 09:30 PM
  4. muschi's Avatar
    i just downloaded the BTplayer via my phone, and it works fine.

    it is simple, no weird features and so on, BUT

    it would be helpful to create/import some sort of playlist form any Folders of the Device

    Up to now it seems to be only possible to
    click Open
    click blackberry/
    click music/
    click media sync/ ( seems to be a folder created by the itunes feature i tried to use for synchronisation between itunes and my desktop software 6.0, doesn't bother me, i just want to reach some music wherever it is on the device)
    click for example the Clash/
    click title London calling

    then on the one screen of the btplayer besides the Open Button the path to the data is shown.
    Click Play-Button below. it works ;-)

    the 4(fast)forward/backward Buttons besides the Pause button work too.

    Also it would be very nice to get the problem fixed, that if i get a sms/email etc. the player stops and after the emailsound( dingding ;-)) does not resume automatically. i have to go back and press play agian.
    i did not check out, whether this problem is also there when i get a call and the call gets finished or cancelled.

    I know that whole conversation is kinda odd, cause of the possible A2dp headsets out there, but i just spend 70 bucks for my plantronics voyager 510 and i am not a fan of investing again that much money.

    i tried to test the possibility with podtrapper also.
    It works, but i do not like the player, and after the trial it will cost me some.
    i do not use podcasts anyway so just to listen to some music i do not need such a powerful software.

    seems to be a impossible to clear bug, that i always get a PIEPtone when new song plays.

    Thx for any help!

    link to app :see thread page number 1, cant post it cause im new ;-)
    09-21-10 02:20 PM
  5. FF22's Avatar

    I understand your reluctance to spend more money. I'm not sure that the programmer is following this thread anymore or doing any upgrades to the software. It is definitely basic.
    09-23-10 07:59 PM
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