1. newskate9's Avatar
    Ok - so here's the question.

    Got a new storm 2 and set up, while lengthy from my storm 1, has gone without a hitch. I am able to "connect" to WiFi at home. No issues.

    Now I sit and stare at the screen......... and say, Now What? How does one use WiFi? I don't want to keep the network on as it uses battery. When I do connect and want to surf, does the browser seek the WiFi connection first?

    It sort of feels like a bought a new toy and don't know where/how to play with it!

    Any thoughts or direction would be helpful.
    05-03-10 09:52 AM
  2. bad_boy321's Avatar
    i use the wifi when I'm in hotesl and have bad signal, or when I'm in the airport and have no connection. I use t home because its a little faster when I'm on this site and some others.
    05-03-10 09:56 AM
  3. z06mike's Avatar
    If you see the white wifi icon in the corner of the browser, you're on wifi. If you see the 3G# in the corner your on the network.

    If the wifi icon is grayed out then you are not connected to wifi.
    05-03-10 10:08 AM
  4. djousma#CB's Avatar
    Battery drain is not as bad as you might think. I use for web browsing, etc. I leave wifi turned on all the time.
    05-03-10 10:08 AM
  5. adam121's Avatar
    Got a question, how long is the norm for the wifi to pick a signal up? Reason I ask is this is irritating me, my friends droid picks it up within 30secs where as my 9550 takes up to a min and that's the same signal....

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    05-06-10 10:49 PM