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    Hi all
    I have just upgraded my Blackberry to 9900 and also had to upgrade my plan as I was consistently over my usage....unawares as it is a company phone.
    I use my Blackberry allot at home and have it connected to my Home or Office Wifi Network thinking this was saving my data plan and utilising my other internet access.
    I am now finding out that ALL email, BBM Chat, App World downloads are all using my data plan and not my own internet via wifi.

    Is there a way around this?
    I am disgusted in Blackberry for setting this way...forcing us to use our data plans and not giving us an option when at home or work to utilise wifi internet.

    This will curve now they way I use my phone, so for Blackberry...this is a negative result.
    I intend cutting my purchases from App World to very minimal, so this will affect game/app developers hoping to sell the product.
    I intend on reducing my email accounts I use on my phone to 2 maximum.
    I will refrain from using my BBM, which doesn't bother me as much as most of my friends have iPhones anyway..so bugger all BBM contacts anyway. It's a shame because I really like BBM, but whats the point if it's chewing my data plan up without an option to use over wifi.

    Blackberry need to read our comments and act accordingly...we are the consumer.

    Life is so expensive as it is at the moment, you would think flexibility would be high on Blackberry priority...obviously not.

    And for anyone replying with, it's a work phone what do you care, I'm part owner...so I do.
    11-04-11 07:18 PM
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    If you have been consistently over on your usage, and are part owner of the company, it sounds like you are the part worried about expenses.
    BlackBerry has made the fact that BBM and App World don't work over WiFi, as have many other people via these forums. On my 9930 I am able to get ALL my e-mail via WiFi.
    11-04-11 07:42 PM
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    Gee my corporate-issued BlackBerry switches over to WiFi whenever I am at home so any email traffic is carried by my ISP until it gets to the BlackBerry Infrastructure. There is no voice plan so I never have to answer any calls. My other BlackBerry smartphone despite 24x7 bridging with my BlackBerry PlayBook and moderate to heavy email and web browsing has never reached the 1GB data cap. At home it also automatically switches to WiFi for email.
    11-05-11 12:34 AM
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    Perhaps once OP has calmed down, he'll RTFM and get his emails via wifi.

    If he's getting 1Gb of appworld and BBM per month, then I'd question how productive his workdays are.
    11-05-11 06:23 AM
  5. T
    Well, according to the other replies bbm and app world is over the mobile network, but email is definitely over wifi. When I'm on wifi, service status reports that my BIS is over wifi.
    11-05-11 06:36 AM
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    BBM works on WiFI with mobile services turned off (just now tested by turning off mobile services and starting a BBM convo with a family member on the other side of country). Email works on WiFi. Browser works on WiFi. AppWorld does not.

    Wondering if the OP actually isn't making a proper WiFi connection at home?

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    11-05-11 09:57 AM
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    Actually many people said that even have over 1000 email per day, it only use several hundreds data traffic.
    11-06-11 12:31 AM
  8. MetalxAssassinx's Avatar
    Actually here is different story .. BBM doesn't work on WI-fi .. but App world , Facebook , Twitter Browser all Works for WI-Fi
    11-06-11 09:10 AM