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    Hi guys im not to sure if i have posted in the correct section? well i have a 9700 bold which i dont really use that much but decided to take away with me on holiday to morocco this BB 9700 is open on all networks when getting to morocco i purchased a Moroccan sim card but i failed to get any signal, i tested the Moroccan sim card in a Nokia and it worked fine. When getting back to the UK i tried the Moroccan sim card and it worked fine and the roaming network of T-Mobile come up on my blackberry. I think i have a setting issue? Can someone direct me to what i need to change in the setting to maybe get other non UK sim cards to work in my BB. Any input will be appreciated.
    10-08-11 12:38 PM
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    UPDATE: it was an internatinal lock that needed to be removed hence unlocking i had this done abroad and now its working fine.
    10-30-11 11:35 AM