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    newb here lookin help, i bought myself a second hand bold 9780 a week before xmas off a friend of a friend. i checked it and all seened to work there was full signall etc, but i never tried to make a call. ( i know dumb ) a few days later when i put my sim in it wouldnt let me call or recieve calls. i became suspicious and sent the imei to a site called check mend they charged me a small fee for a report on the phone. they were able to confirm the phone is blocked by one or more networks, but there is no record of the phone being reported as stolen,lost,insurance claim or warrenty claim. so why would the phone be network blocked and is there anything i can do to get it unblocked.the phone is more than a year old.

    ps i will bump into the rat who sold me the phone sooner or later...
    01-04-12 03:26 PM
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    Did the "friend of a friend" fail to pay his bill to the phone service provider?
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    01-04-12 04:42 PM