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    I need info. If you do not know, can you guide me to a site that can help me?

    Is the blackberry considered a PDA (personal digital assistant)? Or is it just a super mobile? Because it can clearly not be considered a palmtop! or a computer! It is a sort of hybrid. But not really a computer!

    Can we use a stylus to sign documents on it?

    If the WordToGo software on blackberry does not support MS Word version earlier than 2008, then how do I open word files that are from earlier versions?

    Half of my files are earlier versions. Should I convert them to a latter version first? How to convert earlier version MS Word files to latter versions?

    Can I use regular USB storage device into the blackberry? Does it have a regular USB port? If not is there a converter jack available thru which i can plug in my USB device?

    Does the blackberry need an antivirus software? How easy is it to get infected by viruses and worms on the blackberry?

    Can I print documents directly off the blackberry (without going via a computer)? If so where to get such a printer?

    Can I scan directly into a blackberry without going thru a computer? If so where to get such a scanner?

    Is it possible to take pictures with the blackberry's camera? Does it come with a camera? Can this camera snap pictures of documents and serve as a make shift scanner?

    regards arif
    02-01-09 03:52 AM
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    Greetings and welcome to Crackberry Forums!

    1. Blackberry's are classified as a Smartphone and have the capabilities of a PDA integrated into their OS.

    2. Blackberry's do not use a stylus. They have a full QWERTY keyboard.

    3. If you need to view MS Word documents, Documents to Go is a third party application that can view native MS word documents, 2008 and earlier, so their is no need to convert files.

    4. Blackberry's have a micro USB port built into the device and the cable will come with it for connection to your PC. If you have info you need on your device, purchase a Micros SD card and store it on the card rather than the device.

    5. Their is no antivirus software needed.

    6. Their are third party applications that you can install that allow you to print via Bluetooth from your device.

    7. At this time, to my knowledge, their is no way to scan documents with a Blackberry.

    8. A number of Blackberry devices come with a camera. You could take pictures of documents and send these via email if needed.

    My advice, if you are contemplating purchasing a Blackberry, based on your above needs, I would review the Bold, the Storm and the new 8900 as options.

    Good Luck!
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    thank you for your reply . very helpful
    02-10-09 04:26 AM