1. csoccio's Avatar
    Hey guys! I have a problem with my curve. With everything deleted like messages,emails,reminders ext I still have a little message icon that shows I have 1 email? Ive tried turning it off as well as pulling the battery! nada Please help anyway you can. Thanks!
    04-28-08 09:42 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    You have mail...

    J/K, I am sure there is an answer to follow.
    04-28-08 09:52 PM
  3. Flurrycat's Avatar
    Maybe try sending yourself another mail, and then deleting the new message? It works for voicemail, so it may work for email too.
    04-28-08 09:52 PM
  4. axeberry's Avatar
    Make sure you check all icons, for some themes, it has all different kinds of messages seperated. "MMS/SMS" and a different icon for each seperate email account you have. Simply open your inbox up, scroll to the top and hit "mark prior read".
    04-28-08 09:56 PM
  5. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    Ya sure its not some other kind of message?

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    04-28-08 10:03 PM
  6. csoccio's Avatar
    So far nothing. I even tried sending messages,email to my phone and then try to delete them. Maybe if I put it under the wheel of my car it will turn off . Ill keep trying and I will let you guys know whats up! Thanks for all the ideas.
    04-28-08 10:12 PM
  7. DMBAdict04's Avatar
    Unhide your icons (that are hidden) and then look for the one that has the new message. That usually happens to me if I have my actual "Messages" icon hidden.
    04-28-08 10:12 PM
  8. csoccio's Avatar
    OMG! Thanks DMBadict04 you are a life saver!!!!! I was getting ready to pull my hair out
    04-28-08 10:38 PM