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    I'm currently using the Curve 8330, and I LOVE it. It's the first BB phone I've had, and it's so much better than any phone I've ever had before.

    Here's the situation:
    In the past, I've had TERRIBLE luck with maintaining my phones - they've all met some form of horrible fate, save the first cellphone I've ever owned, which was a Razor from 2007. :P Scoop died, Glimmer kept randomly shutting itself off, and the Delve.. Don't get me started on that flimsy little crap pile! Anyway, I'm deviating here. Back to the point - My phones never make it the two years until my next upgrade, and because of that, 2 year contracts terrify me.

    Well, I'm able to upgrade now, but only with a two-year contract, and I've really had my eye on the Storm 2. My regular early upgrade date with the option of a one-year contract is like December 3 of this year, but I heard the Storm 2 is being discontinued (or whatever it's called) before then. Now, I'm not sure how that works exactly, but I'd imagine they're going to stop selling it.

    Now, I know there are (arguably) "better" phones available, but I have my heart set on the Storm 2 - it can do everything I'd need it to do and THEN some.

    Soo.. Should I upgrade now with the two-year contract to get the S2 before it goes out, or should I hold my ground for the one-year contract available to me in December? THAT, is the question. :P
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    09-01-10 11:50 AM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    wait for the S3 if you can. I love my S2, but at this point, the S3 should be "around the corner".
    09-01-10 11:51 AM
  3. iErrethAkbe's Avatar
    The only reason I'm even considering the two-year is because my Curve 8330 is definitely a trooper - it's certainly had it's fair share of beatings since I've owned it and it's still going fine. I'm thinking the S2 may be the same way, which would be very reassuring to me.

    Also, if anyone could explain to me the discontinuing I mentioned earlier, I'd greatly appreciate that! What happens when a phone is discontinued, etc. Thanks!
    09-01-10 11:53 AM
  4. Spiral_ouT's Avatar
    If your even the slightest bit interested in getting OS6, I would wait for the S3 as dave said. More memory and a better quality camera as well.
    09-01-10 11:54 AM
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    I've heard rumors about a possible S3, but what happens if they're just that - rumors? I've played with the S2 several times before, both in stores and from friends, and I LOVED it. I just don't want to lose my chance here.. Haha.

    Also, as far as technology in general goes, once you make a purchase, you're already behind as far as newest and greatest goes. :P So, I'm not too worried about keeping up with that - As I've mentioned, I just need a phone that gets the job done.

    On a side note, would you say the S2 is durable?
    09-01-10 11:57 AM
  6. iErrethAkbe's Avatar
    I've seen previews for OS6 and all, and it does look nice, but as I've said I love my Curve 8330. :P For me, it can only go up from here haha.
    09-01-10 12:00 PM
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    From what we have seen on the forums over the past couple of months, the S3 is really just an S2 refresh (adding maybe a 5MP camera and upping the memory to 512MB) to allow it to run BB6. It doesn't sound like it is going to be a huge jump over the current S2, but would still be worth the wait if you want to run the most current OS.
    09-01-10 03:17 PM
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    If you are planning to keep your next phone for 2 years also you will be upset you didn't wait a month or a little longer to have a phone that will not be out dated right away. If you buy the storm 2 right now it probably won't get updated again
    09-01-10 04:07 PM