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    So I love my 8300 Curve, but apparently I'm having terrible luck with the devices. I'm on my 2nd replacement device, so that makes this one my third Curve and I'm again having problems which I won't go into detail to save boring everyone.

    I spoke with a rep from AT&T store whom I've dealt with many times, and he said normally AT&T will be receptive to situations when you own a device that continuously malfunctions, and have had at least 2-3 replacements, they sometimes let you try another device at no cost, and he also said he's seen no problems with the 8310 as of yet. Being that the 8310 is relatively close in price to the Curve, and I don't wish for a refurb or anything like that, he recommended I Call AT&T and explain to them the situation, and see what transpires from there.

    He said call the Warranty Repair number and ask for a manager, but would I be better off just calling regular AT&T support and asking for a manager? I was wondering what may be the better route. Thanks for your help.
    11-21-07 07:09 PM
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    3 strikes on a device from warranty, they then allow you to change to a different device or equal value, the 8310 is the Curve just the 8300 has no GPS, and no matter what you do, you will end up with a refurb device, no matter what manager you speak to can bypass that, that manager has to justify the replacement in the first place all of which has to go through the warranty system in place, which in turn always results in a refurbished device...If you really feel like pushing your luck, get a manager on the line, threaten to cancel unless you get a NEW device, but your pushing it then...and pending on the rep, they may just call your bluff...unless of course you plan on following through with a cancellation, in which case they'll just let you go...

    A lil bit of statistics for you, well over 80% of all people who cancel AT&T, return within the first year of being with another carrier

    warranty number is 1-800-801-1101, be sure to ask for the "HIGH END DEVICES" warranty dept...calling AT&T Data Support will get you nowhere, except a quick transfer to the warranty dept.
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    Great information, thanks bla1ze. Really appreciate that. That's why I can count on cberry. Thanks again.

    p.s. of the 80%, I'm one of them, VZW for about 8 months until I jumped ship for the Curve and better customer service IMO.
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