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    Hi, I'm apparently one of few people who bought a BB with no intention of using my carrier's mobile data network except when traveling, for which case I'll get a data plan for a month or whatever.

    I have wifi access at home and everywhere I work, in many cases I installed the access points. I see no point in paying for what's free.

    The problem is if the wifi connection drops, or if I forget to turn off data services, the damn email app checks my email over the mobile data network without my knowledge or consent, and I get charged for it.

    So what I would really like is something that blocks the mobile network data completely even with the data services option on, since it has to be on to use wifi (dumb!). Any ideas?
    09-02-10 12:40 AM
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    Alternatively I'd love to be rid of the email app. Even with the email address disabled, it still checks it. And I can't remove it or change it to a false one or I won't receive e-bills etc.
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    09-02-10 12:40 AM
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    I do not think there is a way to do that. Blackberries are designed to be online all the time. I guess your only option is to add a small data plan, or have them block your data fully - which would rid your wifi useless if I'm not mistaken :/

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    09-02-10 12:43 AM
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    Just delete all your e-mail accounts on your BlackBerry, you won't receive any e-mails anyway even if you're using WiFi (G-Mail app doesn't require BIS to work). BlackBerrys have "WiFi limitations"... some apps require BIS in order to work, not every features on BlackBerrys will work by just using WiFi. I really recommend getting a BIS add-on on your plan. If you can't afford that, you can give your carrier a call and have them block any data usage from your phone. That way, you will avoid unknown charges.
    09-02-10 01:05 AM
  5. txwolf1980's Avatar
    I may not be understanding your problem, but on my bb, there is an option on the "Manage Connections" app that will allow me to disable the mobile network but keep wifi on. This would obviously prevent you from receiving calls, though. But, if you are at work, or where you would be using a land line to make and receive, it might be an option.
    09-02-10 03:28 AM
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    If I understand what you want to do correctly, you need to go into 'Manage Connections', go into 'Mobile Network Options' and change 'Data Services' from a 'Yes' to a 'No'. This will allow you to make and receive calls and texts when away from home. When you are at home, your wifi should give you full functionality.
    09-02-10 05:46 AM
  7. Zigakly's Avatar
    Turning off data services does not turn off wifi, but it blocks it. The hotspot browser stops working.

    I've uninstalled all the BIS apps I can, the stock emailer is the only one left. I cannot delete my valid email address because it's tied to my provider's billing system. I can uncheck it, which I assume should disable it, but I'm still getting BIS usage. My provider also refuses to disable BIS data. Think I'm going to try harder on that one.

    At the moment I keep the data services option turned off except when I connect over wifi, but it's an extra step I can live without, and when wifi drops that's when it seems to tap the BIS network, not the browser, something else.

    Only talking about a few bucks a month, but it's irritating to have this little thief following me around, especially when I specifically asked that I "not have a little thief following me around" describing this exact problem when I bought the damn thing.
    09-02-10 08:19 AM