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    I have the new Bold 9900 and have had it for 6 days, today the phone would not unlock therefore staying on the black screen... I had to take the battery out and put it back in for the phone to work again. Could this be a one off or do i have a problem?

    If its a problem i know i can go for a replacement as its with in the 28 days however... i have synced my BB to the BB desktop software does this copy all my contacts over or do i have to enter them all in again to the new fone? I did do the the full back up.

    Thank you
    09-26-11 11:40 AM
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    I'm not familiar with the 9900 specifically, but BBOS's in general need a couple of battery pulls to 'stabilize', especially on a new OS install, but also sometimes after installing a new app. If you haven't had any other problems, I'd wait and sed how it behaves over the next few days.

    If you did a full backup with DM, all your contacts are safe. You should be able to recover them with a restore. But just in case, if the time comes that you think you may have to replace your phone, DM also has a Switch Devices feature that will transfer all your contacts, data and apps from one device to another.

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    09-26-11 11:51 AM
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    Don't pull that battery, that is soo os5. Do a alt + caps + del (Hold down all three for a few seconds) to do a re-boot in os 6 and os7.

    the caps key has to be the one that is to the right of the space bar.
    09-26-11 12:55 PM
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    Thanks a lot,

    I will wait and see how it goes for the next few days - may just be a one off.

    My main concern was if I had to exchange the phone, are my contacts safe. I have read a few forums where apparently they do not go over on the back up?
    09-26-11 12:59 PM