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    ok heres my situation.
    i talked to a local rep and first he said i can cancel my cntract when im eligible for an upgrade.
    so i got a new contract with t-mobile thinkin that i can end my contract with at&t in a month(thats when my upgrade came thru)
    and my contract still has the full cancelation fee till the end...
    then i found out that i cant cancel till 3 months after my upgrade option.
    so now i got a t-mobile account that i dont even use because i have my number on AT&T
    im paying for 2 accounts and only using one.
    i cant cancel my t-mobile because its been over a month since the reps were feeding me a load of bull that i can port the number or transfer my girlfriend's number to my line instead and alot of other BS.
    i call t-mobile today and they say oh we appologise for our useless reps but we cant do sht.
    im kinda upset right now and want to choke the customer service and whole tmobile company.
    alot of misinformation and im the one end up paying for 2 lines

    can anyone help me resolve this if its possible
    05-26-09 08:08 PM