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    Hi everyone

    I'm sure that this issue has been addressed, but every situation is unique, and I thought I would post my dilemma. My new work has exchange server sync, and uses Outlook for new calendar entries, etc. I am trying to see if there is a way for me to have my outlook calendar entries to wirelessly sync to my blackberry. I need this to be a one way sync from my work outlook to my blackberry. I do not want my personal calendar also being pushed to the work outlook account. I am also requesting help with contacts as well...to be able to have my outlook contacts viewable through my phone...but not to have my personal contacts exported into the outlook account. The IT guy recommended that I just "upgrade" to an android phone since it will make life easier. i dont want to give up my 9900. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    02-28-12 07:50 AM