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    Is there any way to manage my wireless connections (specifically turning it on) from my computer (or any other way)? I ask because my screen is damaged but the phone still sends/recieves calls. When I backed up my blackberry using the desktop manager it turned off the connection. I have the BB pearl 8130.
    03-14-09 08:39 PM
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    so when you did a backup, it turned off your connection with your carrier??? I've never heard of this happening...

    I don't think that there's any way that you can control this from your computer. Have you happened to try a battery pull???

    Leave your phone on, open the back and pull the battery. Don't put it back in for about 30 sec to a minute and then try it again...

    Better yet, how bout doing an insurance claim and getting another Pearl... I'd go nuts without a working screen, how would you read e-mail and SMS!?!?
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    03-15-09 03:18 AM
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    Yeah, I'm not sure that you can control that via DM or not. You could try a battery pull first. How is your screen damaged? Was it damaged by water/liquid, being dropped, or too hot/cold temps?

    How long did it take after the damage for it to start dropping the connection? Immediately or longer?

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    03-15-09 03:31 AM
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    Hey guys! After a quick search from the forums the OP has the same problem im looking for the answer to. Basically i manage to damage my BB so that now the screen is unresponsive to any input that i try to make. Ive just installed DM 5 for the first time so im not sure what all i can do with it. Quick question though. Is there anyway i can control my manage connections from the DM. I just need to turn my wifi connection on because i think i can use it as a work around to control by BB from my Playbook.
    04-05-12 03:07 PM