1. damsmell's Avatar
    so while im texting the whole phone locks up, i have to power it off, then when the power is off, my ringtone will go, i turn it back on and it says "uncaught exception: application net_rim_bb_messaging_app (57) is not responding; process terminated"....everything seemed to be working fine and then it did it again, so i power off, get my ringtone, then power on and get uncaught exception: application net_rim_bb_messaging_app (626) is not responding; process terminated.

    This isnt the first time i have had these messages pop up, whats going on? I dont have bbm, i had downloaded it, couldnt figure it out, and uninstalled it...

    I have my emails, my msn, and a few games. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Oh and i have done hard resets, and it fixes it for awhile, but im looking for a permanent fix???
    08-17-10 02:43 PM
  2. Bosco836's Avatar
    I seem to be having the exact same issue and would appreciate any input. I am running Os and have tried re-installing the OS with no avail. This is driving me CRAZY as it freezes 15-20 times a day.
    11-21-10 10:53 PM
  3. mechanic_joe's Avatar
    I would try an OS upgrade to ... 862 was excellent for me, but it sounds like an OS/file issue on the device. After the OS install do a battery pull.

    Also, make sure there isn't any shady apps or themes on your device that could be corrupting files and causing this issue...
    11-21-10 10:55 PM
  4. mechanic_joe's Avatar
    Sorry, get the OS install file from here -->


    And follow these instructions -->


    Good luck
    11-21-10 10:57 PM