1. aab7550's Avatar
    i'm using blackberry tour 9630 verizon..
    use to have problem with the network..
    i go for option-advance option-sim card-and type mepd..

    it shown..
    network subset-disabled
    service provider-disabled

    is there a way to make the network or change the network to disable..
    because i can't use bb plan..
    please help me..
    i really need to make it disabled..
    02-20-10 07:50 PM
  2. eddyecb's Avatar
    you need it unlocked then
    02-20-10 07:57 PM
  3. aab7550's Avatar
    but i've seen in youtube..
    shown that..
    if the status show 'inactive'
    thats mean its unlock..
    cause i can use it with any simcard..
    the problem is only i cant use bb plan because of that..
    02-20-10 08:02 PM
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    02-20-10 08:09 PM
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