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    Okay, here is the deal. This morning I decided that I wanted to manually synch my work Outlook calendar to my BB. (I'm not on the BES and don't want to be as this is my personal BB.) I have done this before without any problems. This morning, I connect my BB to my computer, I open my desktop manager, and it begins to sync my task list. I click on cancel because I don't want to sync my task list. Now, I can't click on any of the icons in Desktop Manager.

    I tried removing my device and restarting my computer and it didn't help. When I open the Desktop Manager it asks my for my BB password. The Desktop Manager has a white background, then it turns gray, and I cannot select any of the icons. My status bar shows "Working" and my BB shows "Connected to Desktop."

    Anyone know what's going on?
    05-09-08 12:53 PM
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    Just wondering why my thread got moved to this section? I'm not using Blackberry Connect and I am using a RIM device.
    05-09-08 04:47 PM
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    Never mind, all fixed. Just needed to remove the battery.
    05-09-08 09:51 PM