1. dc1225's Avatar

    I have BB88330 with VZW and called them to help me backup my addressbook prior to switching out to another BB8830.

    I did everything he told me to do and there is an icon on the desktop but when i try to open it, it asks which "program" would you like to use, etc... and I can't open it.

    I called VZW cust. serv. BB uber ****** for help and he helped me alright. I did exactly he asked me to, step by step and come find out later that it did not work

    I searched the vzw support site and could not find it either. Can someone please help? Thank you.
    03-11-08 04:02 PM
  2. cjcarbone's Avatar
    Use the Desktop Manager, and do a full backup.
    Then all you have to do is restore to the new one.
    03-11-08 04:04 PM