1. newmomto1's Avatar
    I purchased the Jabra BT2010 b/c I do not need anything fancy.
    Just something to keep me hands free in the car & maybe while running errands.
    I have never been successful with "in ear" type headphones (like with my mp3player).
    But, I thought having an ear hook would help.
    Is it just this model?
    Is there a different headset I should try?
    Please advise me...
    05-28-09 11:15 AM
  2. merg66's Avatar
    ...DuctTape. ;0)
    I'd try the Motorola H700, has the hook around the ear, and can move it for the left or right ear.

    ETA: I wear hearing aids, so I have no experiance with in the ear BT stuff.

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    05-28-09 12:58 PM
  3. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    JawboneII is the way to go, wait never mind if you dont want anything fancy
    05-28-09 01:13 PM