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    I just set up my new Bold 9930 and used the restore feature in desktop manager. I had heard that it would transfer my saved emails as they are important. I also backed up my old 9650 before proceeding. After going through the transfer process I was extremely frustrated and dissapointed to see that the "saved" messages on my old 9650 did not get transferred over. Why have them saved if you cant get to them again?

    Please help.......

    Also my emails transferred from my in inbox incompletely in as they were cut of at the end of October. Hence, I am missing the last 4 weeks or so worth of activity.

    What can be done at this point?

    Please help.....
    12-01-11 01:27 AM
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    Back up ur 9650 again and load the back up onto ur 9900.And make sure you chose the newest back up.

    Not saying you made a mistake or something ... but no one can tell if it was a bug or maybe you just chose a 4 weeks old back up.I think the easyest would be to just repeat the process, it might takes up to 40 minutes.

    I had heard that it would transfer my saved emails as they are important....
    And you are right it suppose to back up all your emails/text messages ...so something went wrong there.

    Good luck
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    12-01-11 03:28 AM