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    new to the forums, so please be gentle with the flaming!

    i have recently purchased a Curve 8330 for verizon and i want a faceplate. all of the faceplates i find online are approx. $50. these are the housings, of course. mind you, i only need the front faceplate and the rear battery plate. any particular discount websites that you guys are fond of? keep in mind that just because i don't think $50 is worth a faceplate, doesn't mean i will skimp out on quality. i will not buy a cheap product just because of a cheap price tag. thanks in advance for the help!
    02-01-09 04:43 PM
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    02-01-09 04:52 PM
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    I was just gonna post the cnn.cn site! I highly recommend them.

    EDIT: As a Storm user I have a feeling I will eventually need them. If for nothing else eventually I will need a button strip.
    02-01-09 04:53 PM