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    Hello, I'm new to this site. Just bought my first Blackberry. Have been cruising the forums and have found answers to most of my questions. This place is great! I did buy this BB used on ebay. 8300. I'm having a problem with the DM. Posted question about 20 min no response. I can't connect my BB due to not having a "device password". Any suggestions to help me find my password?

    Reason for this post: I've used a couple different smart phones, (palm treo and centro) and I love them. Treo was too big, switched to centro and loved loved loved it. However I was having a garage sale 2 weeks ago and set it down to help a "customer" and turned around and it was gone. Sooo bummed. But the keyboard was so small and sort a pain to text/type on, so I decided to see the light of BB. (meanwhile was using a dumbphone I had around the house, the "Pantech Matrix "texting phone and OMG what a pain and sooo slow! Ack!) My new phone got to me this Friday and I've been having so much fun with it. But you see, I never used the internet on my phones before. I didn't buy the data package. I have a laptop, a mini-laptop and a desktop for that. I just texted like crazy (3000+ p/mo) and took notes, shopping lists, organized my life on the calendar, etc. However there are so many things to get/do online (instamapper, free ringtones, music, etc.) that I'm considering paying the extra $30 a month for an unlimited data/msg package. My question to you...is it totally worth it?? I'll leave it to all you crackberry experts to guide me in the right direction. You guys really know your stuff!! What are your thoughts?

    Thanks! (Please don't forget to help me with my DM problem if you have the answer...)
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    Please avoid double posts... Your question was answered in the original thread that was started. You were also correct in placing it in the device forums as it was device specific.

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