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    I have an 8320 and my current plan is setup as follows:

    $39.99/600 mins per month
    $14.99/unlimited messaging

    1. Must I need an additional service to browse the internet through wi-fi?

    2. Must I need an additional service to talk on AIM?

    02-13-08 04:02 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    1. Must I need an additional service to browse the internet through wi-fi?
    No. Just be sure you are using the BB browser.

    2. Must I need an additional service to talk on AIM?
    Yes, and no. The IM applications that come preloaded on the 8320 you will need a data package to use. There is a 3rd party program called JiveTalk that is highly recommended and I believe the latest beta of it can connect to aim via wifi. It isn't free, but they do have a free 30 day trial.
    02-13-08 04:26 PM
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    So instant messages on AIM or JiveTalk, for example, will count against DATA and NOT SMS messages correct?

    If that's the case, I will get rid of that $14.99/unlimited messages service.

    Thanks for the input!
    02-13-08 06:52 PM
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    Yes. Both the preloaded IM applications and JiveTalk use data. In fact, I just purchased JiveTalk. I don't know how much more you could ask from an IM program for a phone.
    02-13-08 07:33 PM
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    I finally got my BB to connect to my wi-fi network at home!

    While I am connected to wi-fi, calls that I make will not be counted against my 600 monthly minutes?

    Also, the AIM program does not work. When I try to login, I get the message: "..visit blackberry.com/aim to activate handheld for AIM."

    I guess I'll be looking into JiveTalk as well.
    02-13-08 08:30 PM
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    If you are signed up for the Hotspot @ Home plan, then it won't count against your minutes. If you do not have the Hotspot @ Home plan, it will count against your minutes.

    The AIM program from BB will not work over wifi. Maybe in the future it will.
    02-13-08 08:36 PM
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    Aww.. the service providers always find some way to screw ya!

    Can you explain how the BB logs text messages?

    On my bro's Treo, sent/recevied messages are stored in a single thread (appearing as one long conversation). Although the BB does this, it saves an additional thread for each individual msg received. When I delete each single msg thread, it removes the msgs from the long, conversational thread with both the sent/received msgs.

    I prefer that the individual thread/msgs be deleted while retaining the same msg in the long, conversational thread (if possible).

    I dunno if that makes any sense. I'm having trouble explaining it.
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    02-13-08 09:11 PM