1. skygirl65's Avatar
    I just got the Navibe g735 and it working well with telenav, but Google Maps doesn't know it is there. I used to have an 8800 with build in GPS and Google maps would show a blinking blue dot where you are. Do I need a different version of Google Maps for this? I downloaded the version for the 8830. Should I go get the 8800 version?
    09-09-07 04:50 PM
  2. rgoeri's Avatar
    I have an 8830 and it works well with both Google and BlackBerry maps. I don't use TeleNav so I don't know about set up there but with the other mapping programs you want to be sure that your BB recognizes the G735. Is it listed in your menu of recognized Bluetooth devices? I had a friend with this same problem and it was fixed by just having the BB re-recognize the G735.. i.e., turn on Bluetooth on your 8830 and also turn on the G735. Have the 8830 search for the G735 and when it finds it enter the 0000 code. This should add it to the list. Then with either program you first turn on the G735 and make sure that it's tracking before going into the BB map program. In some instances I have to start the map program a second time for it to recognize the G735 but after that it works with no problem and Google maps does give a blinking blue dot. Also, in Google Maps be sure that you answer 'yes' to the question that states something about 'should a link to the GPS be allowed."

    Good luck
    09-09-07 08:46 PM