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    Hi All

    iam trying to view my data(pictures and music) stored on my nas drive (netgear duo). My bold is connencted to the network via wifi and the nas has gigabit connction to the router. my ps3 and laptop see it and read it fine.

    do i need to configure my bb or can it just not handle streaming over wifi.


    02-06-10 12:30 PM
  2. cdkg's Avatar
    John I have been praying for a way to do this. The closest that I have come to doing it has been using a program called orb but it streams through an internet connection vs streaming straight from a nas drive.

    Please if anyone know of any way to do this please please please post in this thread

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    02-07-10 08:20 PM
  3. clarko#CB's Avatar
    I am on the av forum i will post this thread there as theres some real tekkies on there.

    if i get an answer i will post it here

    02-09-10 04:22 PM
  4. cdkg's Avatar
    You Rock!!! No joke I offered orb $300 to design a blackberry app. the support team said they have tried but just didn't know how to write the app.
    anyways, streaming right from my computer to device would he even better than using orb.
    You know I'm very surprised that there isn't a higher demand for an app that streams media directly over a personal wifi network to blackberry. The person or company that is first to develop this app will make a ridiculous amount of money.

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    02-09-10 04:35 PM