01-23-09 06:40 PM
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  1. Ty-Myers's Avatar
    Haven't thought about naming him or is it a her? Although I caught myself changing its skin every morning to match my clothes. I will call it "Pat" for now until someone tells me whether it is male or female.
    I'm leanin toward female because it sure does go through mood swings! And it can be next to impossible to figure out sometimes...
    01-22-09 07:19 PM
  2. iobxchick's Avatar
    Lucille because of the pink silicon case.
    01-22-09 08:24 PM
  3. dirtyjersey's Avatar
    i named mine "phone"
    01-22-09 08:31 PM
  4. Clipper103's Avatar
    Booberry...long story, inside joke between me and a friend of mine. LOL
    01-22-09 08:43 PM
  5. toomuchgame441's Avatar
    May not be a human name but I call my Curve "Candy apple Red"...lol, its red.
    01-22-09 11:24 PM
  6. sfinney1's Avatar
    I have a red Curve and her name is Sassy....just like her momma!!!

    See I take it a step further than simply naming her-she is my kid too....
    01-23-09 02:13 AM
  7. aerophage's Avatar
    Oh mine would never let me get away with calling him my kid...

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    01-23-09 02:18 AM
  8. jens.bberry's Avatar
    I feel left out. My friends have names for theirs and I have yet to think of anything for mine.
    01-23-09 01:37 PM
  9. thinkamp's Avatar
    I haven't named him, but atleast I know the gender!

    01-23-09 01:48 PM
  10. jens.bberry's Avatar
    I have noticed I will say my curve is "beautiful" because it's pink and scratch free. Haha
    01-23-09 01:50 PM
  11. magicpinkdrink's Avatar
    She doesn't have a proper name... yet... but I usually call her Berry
    01-23-09 02:39 PM
  12. jordanbyrnesbbstorm's Avatar
    I named mine peter goesinyou

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    01-23-09 05:50 PM
  13. mrsFAB's Avatar
    Hey guys, it's mrsFAB! I named my Blackberry 'Daisy Storm'. My sister, NurseFAB, named hers 'Betty Blackberry', but I think she changed it to 'Betty Storm' to match mine. And yes, we are grown women...lol!!
    01-23-09 06:40 PM
38 12