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    I am trying to reach out to a tech savy person that can help me with this. From time to time I will check my voice notes on my tour, and I would find several recordings in 60min durations. My wife's phone does the same. These recordings are random and is recording with out my knowledge as I go throughout the day. At first I thought I was hitting the convenient key on the side of the phone but after adjusting that feature, it still continues. For some reason I am thinking one of the applications I have may be accessing my voice notes....please help.

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    02-25-10 09:58 AM
  2. lschwenning's Avatar
    My BB Tour does the same thing.. it will record my whole day - even when it's in the holster. And it does this sporadically. I got paranoid and thought it was spyware. I called Verizon and they said it was most likely a corrupt file.... and they walked me through wiping the phone clean back to factory spects and using my back-up file to restore only the important things. Use your Desktop Manager to create a backup file and let your provider walk you through wiping the phone.
    Verizon said that wether its spyware or just a corrupt file, wiping the phone will take care of it. Good luck.
    03-09-10 07:00 PM