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    Day 1 on the job:
    Meet my executive team and change the entire line of phones.
    There is no need to have so many different models/types. To make things simple, there will only be a Business Model (Bold 9900) and Consumer Model (Bold 9900c).

    Day 2:
    Head over to the design team. Since my Business Model (9900) is already so beautiful, I would make a similar consumer model. Imagine removing the keyboard from the 9900, just leaving the snd/end/bb/back and trackpad keys, move them down to the bottom, put a larger screen. Thats it. The rest stays the same. Stainless steel trim, thin form factor.

    Day 3:
    Head over to engineering team. Can you look at the market, find the highest spec phone, match or exceed the specs and put them into this what we will call 9900c.

    Day 4:
    Head over to the QNX team. You guys are doing a great job. This is the phone, create a UI that will blow everyone away.

    Day 5 (Friday):
    Head to marketing. This is the prototype, get me the strongest marketing plan and you have 3 months to get ready to market the **** out of this.

    This is our time to shine and we going into every home. We using every channel and opportunity to show why we are #1.

    Two Phones, 1 Phone for Business Users, 1 Phone for Consumers, less distraction with having to keep up with 7 different models to launch, faster turn around of phones, more sales, more profit.

    Apple have 1 line...the iPhone. They focus on that one phone improving the 1 phone year after year. Simple, focused, results. That's all that is needed for RIM 2.0.
    10-14-11 03:26 PM